Why Apps?

Missionaries, churches, NGO's, orphanages or any other charity, all have one thing in common.

They depend on donations to operate. Donors generally give because of relationships; relationships are built on communication, the more effective the communication the better.

Websites serve as a good static platform on which to base communication, Facebook can provide a way to actively engage with your donors, YouTube can capture their attention. Snail mail can make them feel appreciated.

But each one of these methods is becoming less and less effective. In this day and age people receive dozens of emails, are inundated with a mountain of email, Facebook limits what posts show up in people’s feeds and even when it does, it is only for a moment, and they receive a mountain of junk mail.

But an app can provide an effective means of communication directly to your target audience.

Some of the benefits of using an app to communicate include:

  • You have complete control of the content your family and friends will see.
  • People will have instant access to the pictures and emails you post.
  • The app can provide missionary pictures, stories and experiences, all in one place.


Your time is very valuable. The time you spend adding new content or learning a new technology is time not spent doing something else. We value your time, so our apps can be highly automated to eliminate most of the manual work you need to do.

We do so by pulling information from your existing sources or by helping you create a blog, Facebook page or YouTube channel that you can use.

Can you post to Facebook and send an email? Great, then we can create an app that works for you.

Want to share a video with your donors? It’s as simple as filming it on your smart phone and uploading it to YouTube.

Want to share a prayer request? Just type it out on the blogger app on your phone and your donors get an instant notification.

The simplicity of it is what makes it work.

You simply point your donors to the app in the app store, they download it, and you update it via your phone or computer.

Cost Effective

You probably think that apps like these are expensive? They are. The development costs alone runs into the tens of thousands of dollars.

The exceptional services we provide to our clients are made possible thanks to a special deal we receive on a development package for use by missionaries and individuals who are striving to promote the Gospel and further the Kingdom.

The templates we have created can be easily customized to suit your specific needs and the developers who work on the apps volunteer much of their time.

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